Lord of the Rings

Gaming in Middle Earth

The majority of the articles here relate to my involvement with the Lord of the Rings game systems produced by Games Workshop.  These include the two skirmish games (the original "One Ring" Strategy Battle Game, the updated Hobbit SBG), and the War of the Rings large scale game system.  

I am also working on mods for Warlord's Ancients game system to use the 28mm GW figures (which I really love for the most part) as I have some disappointments with the WotR system from GW but really want to enjoy some large scale battles in Middle Earth.  

Lord of the Rings Models
Pictures and discussion of my miniatures for the Lord of the Rings wargames.   

Wood Elf SentinelMy models that fight on the side of Good and Light in Tolkien's Middle Earth   

My models that fight on the side of Darkness and Evil in Tolkien's Middle Earth

LotR Battle ReportsDescriptions of battles I've played in Middle Earth.  This will include both Strategy Battle Games and War of the Rings systems from GW...usually with pics.